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Get More Clients

Agents who work 30-40 hours a week typically earn $50,000 a year. But those who work 50+ hours earn $100,000 or more. What if you could achieve 50 hours of results with only 40 hours of effort? The key is to efficiently manage your prospecting hours.

Play to Win

We made digital marketing a game–literally. Earn points for interacting with your followers on social media. Earn points for learning how to play better. Win rewards that help you become a better marketer.

Expand Your Reach

Say goodbye to working the neighborhood with door hangers. Reach out to an ever-expanding circle of new prospects. Meet them online. Bond with them. When there’s a good fit, take it to a more personal level.

Simple to Learn

The best part of Property Carnivores is its simplicity. Anyone can learn to use it within minutes, with built-in lessons to make you into a digital marketing star. Great support is here when you need it.

ABC. Always Be Cultivating.
What Real Estate Pros Say

“The next killer real estate agent app”

“This is an example of how Real Estate entrepreneurs are leveraging social platforms to increase engagement, pioneering new ways for real estate agents to generate leads.”  Read the Inman article about the launch of Property Carnivores.

Inman News

Inman News Article

“Breakthrough Digital Farming Tools”

Property Carnivores was chosen to be part of the prestigious real estate technology accelerator, Elmspring, LLC. This program provided investment capital, mentorship and inroads to the top brokerages and real estate innovators in the country. Favorite features include the combination of 31 of 35 real estate marketing best practices and the gamification ie, fun factor. Read about Elmspring.

Elmspring Tech Accelerator

“Makes a game out of shredding your competition”

“It’s very easy to get started; you just need a Twitter account. Custom, pre-written content makes responses timely. It creates structure around your social media plan, so it’s good for those who don’t know where to start.”  Read the Inman article.

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